TRANSFERs: Call for literary reviews

Transfers: Interdisciplinary Journal of Mobility Studies is calling for PhD students and ECRs who would be interested in writing short reviews of novels (broadly taken to mean literary fiction, genre fiction, literary non-fiction, graphic novels and so on) for our pages:

Transfers provides a forum for bringing creative writing and practices to the attention of scholars in this field. We have reviews sections for museum exhibitions, creative practices, and literature. As associate editor for literature reviews, I am keen to broaden the voices that participate in the literature section, particularly to hear from PhD students and ECRs. I am also keen to hear from scholars keen to review non-anglophone literatures (although the review itself must be written in English). Previous examples of literature reviewed have included literary fiction, genre fiction, graphic novels, literary non-fiction and short stories. What unites all of these is their focus on mobilities, of all stripes.

In order to encourage a diversity of literatures reviewed, I would invite any interested reviewers to nominate a literary work (new or classic) they would like to review, and which they think fits the journal’s remit of interdisciplinary mobilities studies, and the novels review page’s remit to broaden its voices and literatures, to contact Dave McLaughlin, literature reviews editor:¬†